Events, Competition & Activities

As the school aims at all round development of the students, year long activities, events and the competitions are held.

Events like national festivals are celebrated with grand reverence to imbibe the qualities of oneness and patriotism among the children. National festivals are times where our children showcase their respect to the motherland, Other events like Children's Day Teachers' Day, the birth anniversaries of all the great leaders are celebrated with due respect. On the birth anniversaries of great souls school organizes small functions where children are told about these people and are inspired to follow their foot steps.
Activities such as picnics, Arts & Science exhibitions are arranged where children participate with tremendous enthusiasm. Usually Arts and science Exhibition is a great hit with children because all the children get chance to present their project. Annual Gathering is the culmination point of all the activities that are conducted throughout the year. Students receive awards, prizes and get to perform on stage.
School conducts various competitions throughout the year. Reading handwriting, Readers' Club activity, Quiz competitions, various sports competitions, essay competitions, drawing competitions, Rhymes & Story Telling Competitions for Kinder Garten children. The end of all these competitions is to make children strong to face the competition in the outside world.