Beyond Academics

Life skills:
Class room teaching gives only theoretical knowledge. For the children to be prepared for the life. The schools should develop life skills in them so to do this school organizes many events. Taking children to " fruits & vegetable market" is one such events, where children get first hand information about how the "commerce" takes place in real life, Under this events students have to buy the thing from market and calculate the money and pay on their own.

Learning Resource Centre:
There is something called Resource Centre where children are exposed to various real life experiences. They are made to participate in such events which make them ready for the. Bigger class – i,e LIFE for example – mock banquets are arranged to make them learn the table – manners, they are let to organize small functions for them to realize the responsibilities etc……

Class Room learning Centers:
Class rooms are designed and maintained in such a way that children get individual care and coziness. Number of students in each class is restricted to 24 students only. This gives teachers enough time and space to deal with each student so that the inherent qualities can be nurtured. Class room teaching goes beyond just being therotical and learning by rote. It becomes an experience. It becomes true learning where things taught are learnt not just memorized by rote.

The melody of music is every where. It is Only that one needs a sensitive heart to appreciate it. So we gear our children to make their lives fulfilling and beautiful by imbibing, music in life. Right seasoning of music in life, makes life a lovable journey. Our young ones have not let us down. They have gathered themselves into a harmonious lot and have come up with an orchestra. Their orchestra is so much full fledged that they presented themselves gleefully. On school Annual Day. Children are also trained into a choir, which sings many melodious patriotic songs, rhymes and bhajans on various occasions in the school.

We provide an opportunity to children to have a peep into various fields and those who have an inkling would develop in that field later in life. That no child should feel that they did not have enough exposure in early stages of life, with this conviction we enrich our children with various dances and dance forms in regular curriculum. The effect of which can be easily seen in Annual Gathering where children present numerous dances based on folk, classical, dance dramas, etc… The Annual Gathering is never just an event where children dance to popular film tunes, it goes way beyond that. It becomes an experience to cherish.

A healthy body can alone house a healthy mind. All study and no play can also make jack a dull boy. Therefore ample scope is given for sports. The time that children spend in sports is also judiciously and scientifically planned so that children get the benefits of both outdoor and indoor games. When the children play outdoor they are made to realize and appreciate the bounty of nature and its endless blessings. Numerous sports events conducted throughout the year help children to develop sportive spirit.

Doing yoga and doing it to help build healthy body is taught at the school. The students who learn to meditate are found to develop in a comprehensive way. The value of a systematic way of life is inculcated through the age old knowledge.